Connecticut Lobster Roll

Boss’s Favorite!  Sweet and decadent lobster meat poached in plenty of butter and served on a locally-made, toasted split-top bun!

Maine Lobster Roll

Another New England treasure!  This is the traditional style roll. Lobster meat served chilled with mayo on a toasted locally made split-top bun!


All menu items are served with your choice of kettle-cooked chips or Duke's coleslaw.  We use only sweet, succulent,  Maine lobster paired with a locally made split-top bun. 

We strive to sell you perfect food every visit!

Prices will vary based on current market conditions

Lobster Mac & Cheese

You asked and we delivered!  Creamy Gruyere and mild cheddar cheeses with sweet and succulent lobster!

Lobster Grilled Cheese

A true treasure! Inspired by a small-town favorite, this sandwich is layered with warm, buttery, delicious Maine Lobster and creamy Havarti cheese.

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Spicy Lobster Roll

Another traditional style roll.  Lobster meat served chilled with a spicy aioli on a toasted locally made split-top bun!

Whoopie Pies

A New England phenomenon that's becoming popular everywhere!  The famous "pies" are really more like soft cakes with a creamy filling.